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The Assurance of Quality: Our equipment comes with extensive warranty coverage, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Should any warranty-covered issue arise, our dedicated after-sales service team will swiftly address and resolve the matter, ensuring your equipment's seamless functionality.


Terms & Conditions

  • The warranty only applies to products sold by MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LIMITED - FARM MACHINERY.
  • M&M promises to provide any failed parts which show faulty quality or material within the warranty period, and the failed parts will be replaced or repaired by the dealer. In practice, the dealer can claim compensation from M&M for replacing warranty parts in value or in-kind claims according to the agreement with M&M.
  • The faulty spare parts replaced under warranty will belong to M&M. The dealer will store and manage it on their behalf until the engineer from M&M confirms the defective spare parts and give their handling instruction. The dealers will follow the advice provided by M&M to deal with faulty spare parts.

Tailored Warranty Protection for Specific Products

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