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Swaraj Pro Combine 7060

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Swaraj Pro Combine 7060

Swaraj Pro Combine 7060 Harvester is engineered to handle paddy harvesting with ease. This combine harvester enables seamless reaping, threshing, and winnowing, ensuring minimal grain loss and breakage and maximum grain quality in hand. Experience enhanced productivity, top-notch performance, and user-friendly operation while maximizing your potential grain yield and achieving best-in-class acreage.


Highly Reliable 72 hp Engine

Rugged, reliable & More Powerful & fuel-efficient Engine of 72 hp / 54 kW @2300 rpm

Bigger and Efficient Cutter Bar

Bigger cutter bar for more productivity with effective cutting width of 2110 mm, and hexagonal tine reel. Provision of adjustable gap between auger and pan of cutter ensures harvesting in heavy crop.

Advanced Threshing Technology

Biggest threshing drum diameter of 495 mm with rotor speed of 825 rpm. Advanced threshing system offers least grain loss and maximises harvesting effeciency.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Optimised blower system ensures clean grain in all crop conditions. Bigger cleaner area of 1.24 square metre ensures maximum grain separation and less grain loss.

Best in Class Operator Visibility

Best in class front end visibility and operator comfort. Perfect view prevents damage to the cutter bar, helps operators use the machine in lodged crop condition, also helps in quicker turnaround and increases productivity.

Bigger Grain Tank

Bigger grain tank capacity ensures less time wasted in grain unloading by reducing unloading frequency. Presence of higher grain discharge rate ensures productive time for harvesting.

Highly Durable Track

Track design exerts low pressure on ground. Bigger ground clearance of 262 mm ensures movement through wet paddy fields. All in all, better traction, fast movement and easy loading and unloading.

Bigger Diesel Tank

Bigger diesel tank ensures harvesting for longer hours and less time is required in refilling diesel.

Cutter Bar Assembly
Parameters Swaraj Pro Combine 7060
Total Width 2120 mm
Effective Width 2110 mm
Grain Tank
Parameters Swaraj Pro Combine 7060
Type Tank & Augur
Capacity 1212 Litre
Overall Dimensions
Parameters Swaraj Pro Combine 7060
Transport & Working Position Length 5870 mm
Transport & Working Position Width 2710 mm
Transport & Working Position Height 2930 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 262 mm
Parameters Swaraj Pro Combine 7060
Machine Weight 4815 kgs
Parameters Swaraj Pro Combine 7060
Max Power @ rated Speed 72 Hp
Fuel Tank
Parameters Swaraj Pro Combine 7060
Capacity 110 Litres
Track System
Parameters Swaraj Pro Combine 7060
Width of Track 450 mm
Length of Track on Ground 1910 mm
Total Ground Contact Area 0.76 Sq m
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Swaraj Pro Combine 7060 in Action
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