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Mahindra Straw Reaper

Mahindra Straw Reaper

Mahindra Straw Reaper

The Mahindra Straw Reaper represents a revolutionary solution for farmers, transforming the post-harvest phase with its multifunctional capabilities. This powerful machine excels in the tasks of cutting and cleaning straws, streamlining these operations for agricultural workers. Its reliable performance, user-friendly operation, and environmentally conscious design converge to optimize productivity while reducing the need for maintenance.


Double Blower System

Pushes straw efficiently in trolley and removes dust particles

Twin Tampered Blades

Specially designed blades to cut straw efficiently

Heavy Duty Gear System

Perfect for use in different types of fields

Safety Guards

Provides protection from moving parts

Parameters STRAW REAPER 57" BODY WITH 7 FT CB Straw Reaper with 61" body with 7.5 FT CB
Chassis Width (inch / cm) 57 / 144 61 / 155
Basket Length(mm) 1435 1536
Basket Diameter(mm) 851 902
Threshing Drum Length(mm) 1422 1524
Threshing Drum Diameter(mm) 781 781
Number of Blades in Threshing Drum 288 320
Blower Double Double
Blower Width(mm) 260 260
Blower Diameter(mm) 560 660
Guide Drum Length(mm) 1422 1524
Guide Drum Diameter(mm) 381 381
Reel Length(mm) 2057 2209
Reel Diameter(mm) 406 406
Weight(kg) 1800 1870
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