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Mahindra Conical Fertiliser Broadcaster

Mahindra Square Fertiliser Broadcaster

Mahindra Conical Fertiliser Broadcaster

The Mahindra Square Fertilizer Broadcaster is your go-to solution for efficient fertilizer distribution. Equipped with a four-blade spreading disc system, it offers swift and time-saving operations, reducing power consumption. This versatile broadcaster enhances soil quality by evenly spreading fertilizer over a variety of crops, such as wheat, oat, and sorghum. With precision and speed, it's the ideal choice for optimizing your agricultural practices and promoting healthier plant growth. 

Parameters Mahindra Square Fertiliser Broadcaster
Capacity (l) 400
Fertilizer Broadcaster Height (inch / m) 44.5 / 1.13
Weight (kg / lbs) 67 / 148
Spreading Width (Granular) (inch / m) 472.4 -551.2 / 12-14
Spreading Width (Crystalline) (inch / m) 236.2-275.8/ 6-7
PTO 1"3/8
Transmission 1:01
Absorbed Power at 540 RPM (hp / kW) 8/69
Hopper Width (inch / m) 46.1/ 1.17
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