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Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter

Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter

  • Faster transplanting
  • Precise transplanting
  • Lower cost of transplanting
  • Easy to operate

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Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter

A walk-behind rice transplanter that transforms the labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly rice transplanting process. Benefit from mechanization, reduced labor, and cost-effectiveness while achieving consistent and uniform planting for healthier, robust yields with equal access to sunlight, water, and air for all rice seedlings.

Features at Glance

Powerful Engine Capacity

Helps work efficiently in deep puddled fields without any RPM drop.

R Fork and Push Rod Planting Mechanism

Facilitates gentle transplanting without any damage to seedlings. The presence of R Fork in addition to the Push Rod makes it easy to maintain and replace the wearable R fork part.

Single Control Lever for Hydraulic and Planting

Provides ease in machine operation as there is no confusion for the operator during transplanting.

Rubber Long-Life Lugged Wheel

Provides better traction while transplanting and easy road and field-to-field movement.

Seeding Feed Adjustment

Seedlings per hill can be selected and auto-adjusted by the machine for efficient transplanting thus preventing any kind of wastage.

Wheel Height Adjustment for Different Soil Depth

The height of the machine can be easily adjusted as per the field condition allowing the machine to work efficiently in different field conditions.

Effective Hydraulic and Auto Hydraulic system

Ensures uniform planting depth in hard and soft soils. It also allows auto adjustment of machine height in case of obstacles during transplanting which prevents any accident or machine damage.

Seedling Plantation Depth Adjustment

The planting depth of the seedling per hill can be adjusted according to seedling height avoiding damage to seedlings and ensuring uniform plantation.

Technical Specifications
Parameters Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter
Type 4 rows
Parameters Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter
Model MF168 FB
Type Air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4 stroke
Displacement (cm3) 196
Rated Output (kW / r/min) 2.9 / 1500
Rated Output (hp / r/min) 3.9 / 1500
Fuel Petrol
Fuel Capacity (L) 3.5
Parameters Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Type Rubber lug wheel
Wheel Diameter (mm) 660
Number of Gears 2F + 1R
Main Clutch Belt tension
Vertical Handle Adjustment Rotating, Steeples adjustment
Parameters Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter
Planting Depth (cm) 5 Step
Number of Rows 4
Distance Between Rows (mm) 300
Planting Pitch (mm) 160, 180, 210
Seeding Feed Mechanism Wide Feeder Belt System
Planting Speed (m/s) 0.4 - 0.84
Travel Speed on Road (m/s) 1.56
Parameters Mahindra MP461 Walk Behind Rice Transplanter
Overall Length - Working (mm) 2270
Over Width - Working (mm) 1570
Over Height - Working (mm) 1010 /1170
Weight - Operating (kg) 192
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MP 461 Walk-behind Rice Transplanter in Action
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