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Mahindra Planting Master Potato+

Mahindra Planting Master Potato+

  • High Accuracy Planting
  • Singulation (No Missing, No Doubling)
  • 10 – 20% Increase in Crop Yields*

 *May differ from farm to farm, as reported by farmers who have used our planter.

Finance Available Up to 75% on purchase 

Avail Attractive Subsidy

Mahindra Planting Master Potato+

Mahindra PlantingMaster Potato+ is your key to precision Potato Planting! The advanced automated planter guarantees accurate planting and ridge compaction, fostering vigorous tuber growth and ultimately delivering abundant yields of top-quality potatoes.


Moving Floor

Supplies potatoes to the planting belt in a consistent manner. Specially designed grills filter out loose sprouts and soil ensuring continuous operations and singulation.

Fertilizer Tanks

Stores up to 65 litres of fertiliser in each tank and helps with its proportionate distribution, reducing labour and fertiliser costs.

Brushes for Cup Cleaning

Enhances singulation by preventing clogging of cups with dirt and sprouts which increases crop productivity.

Variety of Holding Cups

Provides versatility for different applications. The same machine, with some modifications, can be used in all conditions of planting. Cups of 20 to 60mm are available for potatoes of all sizes.

Mechanical Vibrator (belt vibrator)

Helps plant a single potato in each go. This increases productivity through efficient singulation.

Adjustable Ridgers with Top Leveling Plates -

Spring-loaded top leveling plates, creates the right compaction to the soil for creating ridges that enable an optimum supply of air and sunlight for better seed germination.

High Depth Furrow Openers

Helps achieve planting depth of up to 9 inches. This enables a higher yield and gives more cubic meters of soil per tuber.

Adjustable Covering Disk

Helps cover the tuber with soil once planted and ensures its correct position even at high driving speeds.

Technical Specifications
Parameters Mahindra Planting Master Potato+
Number of Rows 2
Tractor Connection Lifted (CAT II)
Hopper Type Fixed
Hopper Capacity Up to 500 kg
Fertilizer Capacity 130 L
Drive Mechanical
Kerb Weight of machine 1000 kg
Planting Capacity at Tractor speed of 3-5 km/h 4000 m2/h
Total Machine Weight (Loaded) 1624 kg
Row Distance 61 cm, 66 cm, 71 cm, 76 cm
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PlantingMaster Potato+ in Action
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