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Mahindra Paddy Walker 6RO

Mahindra Paddy Walker 6RO

  • Accurate 6RO Paddy Transplanting
  • Convenient and efficient
  • Higher output and Lower fuel consumption

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Mahindra Paddy Walker 6RO

Mahindra Paddy Walker 6RO is a top-tier Rice Transplanter designed for optimal precision in transplanting paddy seedlings. Its capacity to transplant in 6 rows simultaneously guarantees uniformity across the operational field. Featuring a robust gearbox and dependable engine, it maximises productivity while minimising fuel consumption, ensuring efficiency with every use.

Features at Glance

Large Diameter Wheel

Improves the adaptability to field operations and field passability

Highly Durable Gearbox

Usage of high-quality and durable waterproof gearbox design

Stable Seedling Transplanting Mechanism

Ensures no floating seedlings, and no mis-planting
Provision of adjustable planting spacing

Highly Reliable Engine

Presence of a High-quality gasoline engine
Ensures lower vibration, lower noise and lower fuel consumption while usage

Centralized Operating Panel

The Presence of a centralised operating panel in front of the operator for easy operation and adjustment

Seedling Feed and Planting Depth Adjustment

According to the crop variety and season of planting, the number of seedling feed and planting depth can be easily adjusted

Horizontal Control for Uniform Planting

The right and left tyres follow independently on uneven fields. The planting section remains horizontal for a stable planting depth

High Accuracy Planting even on uneven field surfaces

The machine moves up and down in unison with rough field surfaces, enabling float to keep the topsoil level and stabilise planting posture

Light Weight Rice Transplanter

Compact and smooth working in the field. Total dry weight is light

Stable Seeding Feed

The seedling feed belt features rubber spikes that ensure the proper feeding of seedlings

High Output OHV Petrol Engine

Lightweight and compact, it gets tough jobs done and features lower fuel consumption.
Equipped with a 4 litre, large capacity fuel tank that enables efficient and continuous work to be performed on just one tank of fuel

Technical Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Structure Form Two Wheels Three Floating Plates Type
Working Dimension (mm) 2370*1930*1150
Size of Wheel
Parameters Specifications
Diameter (mm) 600
Width (mm) 90
Lug Size (mm) 79 * 90
Lug Piece 9
Parameters Specifications
Model MZ175
Type Single-cylinder, four-stroke, overhead-valve gasoline engine
Starting System Recoil starting
Fuel Lead-free Petrol
Rated Power (kW) 3.3
Rotating Speed (r/min) 3600
Planting Speed (m/s) 0.34-0.80
Planting Section
Parameters Specifications
Working Rows 6
Row to Row Distance (mm) 300
Seedling Space (mm) 120/140/160/180/210
Transverse taking seeding times 14/16/18/20/26
Longitudinal taking seedling depth 7 to 17
Planting Depth (mm) 10 to 35
Gearshift Method Manual Gear Shifting (2F + 1R)
Type Rubber Wheel Claw Type
Diameter (mm) 660
Width (mm) 90
Work - part Structural Type Crank Rocker Type
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Mahindra Paddy Walker 6RO
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Mahindra Paddy Walker 6RO