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Planting Master Paddy 4RO

Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO

  • Precision Transplanting
  • Quicker Transplanting
  • Comfortable & Easy to Operate
  • Lower Costs of Transplanting

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Planting Master Paddy 4RO

Mahindra PlantingMaster Paddy 4RO is India's first 4-row ride-on rice transplanter. It is a combination of comfort and efficiency which promises to deliver a seamless and hassle-free journey for a revolutionary rice farming experience.


Powerful Petrol Engine

The higher torque enables the rice transplanter to function smoothly in shallow puddled fields in all types of soil conditions.‌

Reliable HST Transmission System with 5 Forward & 4 Reverse Speeds

Farmers can vary planting speed as per field conditions. This helps them to achieve uniformity across the field.

Features for Precision and Uniformity

H-Fork & Push Rod Double Action Planting Arrangement

This gives precise planting which is as gentle as a manual plantation. This arrangement avoids damage to the young seedlings and major roots.

7-Step Auto Sensing for Planting Tray Operation

Seedling tray sensitivity can be adjusted as per the puddling state (from soft to hard). This helps farmers maintain an even planting depth across the plot in spite of uneven puddling depth.

Features that imparts Flexibility

Adjustable Hill Spacing

Farmers can adjust the plant-to-plant distance to suit a particular plant variety’s agronomy. ‌The seedlings receive adequate air, sunlight and nutrient supply resulting in healthier tilling and root development.

5-Step Planting Depth Adjustment

Helps farmers adjust the planting depth as per the variety and age of seedlings – young to mature seedlings. This results in healthier root development.

10 Division Seedling Feed Adjustment

Farmers can adjust the density of seedlings per hill depending on crop variety and seedling age. He can ensure optimum seedling consumption per acre and achieve a lower mortality rate.

Features for Comfort and Convenience

Ride-on Design with 4 Rows

The rice transplanter can cover four lines in one pass, helping the operator to cover more transplanting area per day. The ride-on design keeps the operator safe from cuts and wounds that happen if he were to walk in the field via manual methods.

Starter Motor/Key Start Engine

Switching on the rice transplanter is easy, as the operator just has to turn the key to start the rice transplanter.‌

Independent Front Wheel Suspensions

Helps the operator to easily manoeuvre the rice transplanter on and off the field.

4WD & Power Steering

Operators can easily manoeuvre the machine in the field and especially at the headland.

Smile U-Turn

This feature assists the operator while turning in difficult situations.‌ It prevents the outer rear wheel from slipping by equally distributing power to both rear wheels, helping the machine to move forward.

Safety Transport Handle with Hand Brake (A-Z Handle)

The safety handle gives the operator easy manual control for easy crossing over bunds from one field to another and for safe loading-unloading of the machine from the carrier. This ensures operators & safety as it prevents the machine from toppling.

Roto Puddler cum De-weeder

This feature works as a de-weeder and field leveller. This dual benefit eliminates the need for manpower for leveling the field at the headland. This helps you save on additional costs of de-weeding during transplanting.

Technical Specifications
Parameters Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO
Driving Type 4WD
Overall Dimensions (mm) L x W X H 2715 x 1560 x 1375
Weight (kg) 375
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 355
Parameters Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO
Type Air cooled, 4 cycle OHV Gasoline engine
Total Displacement (L) 269
Output/Number of Revolutions (kW/r/min) 5.1/3600 (Max. 5.8/3600)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 6
Starting Method Starter Motor
Drive System
Parameters Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO
Wheel Type- Front Rubber Lug (Non – Puncture Type)
Wheel Type- Rear Rubber Lug (Non – Puncture Type)
Wheel OD X Width – Front (mm) 550 X 46
Wheel OD X Width - Rear (mm) 750 X 90
Transmission Type Hydrostatic Transmission (HST)
Number of Steps Forward Reverse step less speed change (Sub shift 2 steps)
Planting System
Parameters Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO
Planter type Rotary type
Number of Planting Rows 4
Distance Between Rows (cm) 30
Spacing Between Hills (cm) (Slip ratio 10%) 16, 18, 20, 22
Number of Hills (hill / 3.3 m2) (Slip ratio 10%) 70, 60, 55, 50
Planting Depth (cm) 2 -5 (5 steps)
Number of Seedling Per Stub
Parameters Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO
Lateral Feeding (Times) 20 & 26 (2 Steps)
Longitudinal Taking (mm) 8 -19 (10 steps)
Parameters Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO
Type of Seedling Mat & Tray Type
Leafage and Seedling Height 2.0 -3.5 leaves, 8 -25 cm
Loadable Number of Seedling (Boxes) 12 (Seedling Tray - 8, spare seedling Tray - 4)
Planting Speed (m/s) (Slip ratio 10%) 0 -1.2 (0 -1.1)
Driving Speed (m/s) 0 -2.6
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PlantingMaster Paddy 4RO in Action
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