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Mahindra Multi Paddy Thresher P-80

Mahindra Paddy - Multi Thresher P-80

Mahindra Multi Paddy Thresher P-80

Mahindra Paddy Thresher P-55 is a perfect solution for optimal paddy crop threshing. This heavy-duty thresher is designed to minimize grain loss and maximize efficiency. With larger drums, top-notch blades, and a powerful rotor, it guarantees minimal grain loss and delivers superior-quality grains. Easy to maintain and cost-effective, this thresher is your best choice for a successful harvest.

Parameters Mahindra Paddy Multi Crop Thresher P-80
Min Recommmended Tractor (hp / kW) 35/ 26
Machine Dimension - L*W*H (inch / m) 144x42x99/ 3.6 X 1.0 X 2.5
Length (Drum) (inch / m) 60 / 1.5
Diameter (Drum) (inch / m) 36 / 0.9
Number of Fans 4
Weight(Approx) (kg) 1650/1780
Number of Flywheel Double
Flywheel Size & Weight 32"
Tyre Size 6x16
Number of Concaves (Default + Additional) 1
Number of Big Sieves (Fitted+ Additional) 16
Number of Small Sieves (Fitted+ Additional) 18
Pulley Size (Upper & Lower) (9x3C x 12x3C)
Number of Studs/Bolts 6 SOOT
Number of Filters 2
Feeder Window Size 9.5
Waste Throw Distance (feet / m) 20 ~ 25 / 6 ~ 8
Recommended Crops Paddy and more
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