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Mahindra Minivator

Mahindra Minivator

Mahindra Minivator

The Mahindra Minivator is an ideal mini rotavator for fruit and vegetable cultivation, small farms, orchards, nurseries, and gardens. It excels in pulverization, soil conditioning, and weed control. Perfect for seedbed preparation and puddling in small fields, it can loosen and aerate soil up to 4 inches deep.


Sturdy Design

Strong and sturdy design for hassle-free performance and better durability.

Single-speed Gearbox

Straightforward drive, efficient for small fields.

Balanced Rotor Shaft

Specially designed uniformly balanced rotor shaft reduces tractor load, helps consume less fuel, and avoids tyre slippage.

Aligned and Sealed /Optimal Blade Arrangement

The helical arrangement of blades reduces tractor load and makes the tillage fast and economical. Sealed bearings prevent moisture/mud entry.

Overload Protection

Heavy-duty PTO shaft with shear bolt for overload protection.

Fine Aesthetics

Intriguing aesthetics with superior fit and finish quality.

Parameters / Models 0.8 m 1 m 1.2 m
Tractor Power (kW) 11 ~ 15 11 ~ 19 19 ~22
Tractor Power (hp) 16-20 15-25 25-30
Overall Width (mm) 952 1170 1355
Tillage Width (mm) 800 1000 1200
Tillage Depth (mm) 100-120 100-120 100-120
Gear Box Single Speed Single Speed Single Speed
Side Transmission Gear Gear Gear
PTO Speed (Rpm) 540 540 540
Number of Blades 16 20 24
Weight 175 195 215
Type of Blades L & C types L & C types L & C types
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