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Mahindra Medium Duty UM Rotavator

Mahindra Medium Duty UM Rotavator

Mahindra Medium Duty UM Rotavator

The Mahindra Medium Duty UM Rotavator, a part of our lightweight series Rotary Tiller range, is meticulously engineered to deliver high-performance results in medium soils, regardless of dry or wet conditions. Its lightweight yet robust design offers a comprehensive solution, perfectly meeting the tilling requirements of forward-thinking farmers, making it an indispensable tool for modern agricultural practices.


Helix Spiral configuration rotor

The helix spiral blade configuration rotor can accommodate 2 types of blades, C-shaped and L-shaped, designed for ultimate soil finishing and working crop residue into the ground. Blades are arranged helically around the rotor, resulting in the blades entering the soil progressively and thus reducing power draw. Also helps achieve finer tilth of soil. Specially designed for high performance in light and medium soils in both dry and wet soil conditions such as puddling.

Duo Cone Sealing System

The Duo-Cone sealing system guarantees reliability without the need for maintenance. You can achieve at least 50% longer life from the Duo-Cone system than standard sealing systems in the most demanding working environments. The sealing system is completely waterproof or “amphibious” allowing the rotor and bearing to run in its own oil supply, this allows the rotor to work and be reliable in the dustiest of environments or even work immersed in water and yet the seals will still prevent water and dust ingress into the rotor and hubs.

Anti Clogging System

A rather attractive optional extra is the anti-clogging system: a sheet metal membrane that stops clinging/wet soil from clogging up the machine.

Powerful Side gear Train

MD Tiller also feature 3-gear powertrain assembly at the side, which ensure constant transmission with no loss of power. The side transmission has been designed in such a way that load surges acting due to tangential forces acting on stub axle shall get distributed on 3 pin topology over the side plates.

Optimum rotor rpms

To achieve a finer tilth, an extra-powerful gearbox having (13X25) bevel gears are fitted, reaching 238 rpm.

Sturdy Gears and shafts

Straight Bevel deployment in gearbox that drives for high torque and high speed operations. Since being the topology in right angle shaft orientation, also helps in drastic noise reduction. Smooth operation keeps gear drive cool. Thus, minimize need of repairs and maintenance.

Spring Adjustable Levelling Bonnets

Working at field operations, new handle design of spring adjuster rod ensure soil levelling and easy to adjust.

Stable Hitch Pyramid

Working on light & medium soil ground, the new strong top mast hitch pyramid structure provide greater strength. This is designed to have quick hitch adaptability.

Strong and dust-free transmission covers

UM tiller models feature a transmission cover made from CR sheets, which is much stronger than regular grey cast iron. The cover has a chamfer on the inside housing that push in the O-ring inside, providing a much more effective seal to protect gears from dust and water ingress.

Parameters Medium Duty 5' Medium Duty 6'
Gearbox Type (SS / MS) SS SS
Gearbox Bevel Pair (Pinion / Module) 13 / 6.25 13 / 6.25
Gearbox Bevel Pair (Crown / Module) 25 / 6.25 25 / 6.25
Side Gear Train (Top Gear / Module) 23//6 23//6
Side Gear Train (Idler Gear / Module) 35 / 6 35 / 6
Side Gear Train (Bottom Gear / Module) 27 & 6 27 & 6
Centre Distance (Total) - (mm) 366 (Str. Config.) 366 (Str. Config.)
Distance (Tran. Housing axis to frame sheet) 100.5 100.5
Drive end side bearing configuration Bearing 6309 Bearing 6309
Dead end side bearing configuration Bearing 6209 Bearing 6209
Idler bearing configuration Bearing 32008 Bearing 32008
Idler pin support type (Simply supported / Cantilever ) Simply supported Simply supported
Drive end side plate thickness (mm) 8 8
Dead end side plate thickness (mm) 8 8
Main frame sheet thickness (mm) 4 4
Main Frame Front Pipe 49.5*49.5*4.5 49.5*49.5*4.5
Frame Stacking Plates thickness (mm) 8 8
Trailing board sheet thickness (mm) 2 2
Blade type construction (C Type / L Type) C & L Type Both (Available) C & L Type Both (Available)
Rotor shaft configuration(Outward orientation / Inward orientation) Outwards Orientation Outwards Orientation
Rotor swing Diameter (mm) Ø452 (L Type) Ø452 (L Type)
Rotor swing Diameter (mm) Ø462 (C Type) Ø462 (C Type)
Rotor tube configuration Ø76.2 X Ø65 Ø76.2 X Ø65
Rotor shaft speed (rpm) 239 239
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1810*950*795 2000*950*795
Tilling width (mm) 1640 1830
Recommended Tractor hp / kW range N/A N/A
Number of flanges on rotor shaft 8 9
Rotor Flange Diameter Ø208 Ø208
Rotor Flange Thickness 10 10
Number of blades on rotor shaft 48 54
Number of blades per flange 6 Blades 6 Blades
Blade Overlapping (mm) 16 16
PTO input speed 540 540
Transmission type Gear Gear
Gap b/w frame sheet and rotor hull 35 (L Type) 35 (L Type)
Gap b/w frame sheet and rotor hull 30 (C Type) 30 (C Type)
Interchangeability of L & C Blade on same rotor Yes Yes
Frame construction type Anti-clogging Type Anti-clogging Type
Trailing board construction type Z Type Z Type
Three point linkage type CAT I & QUICK HITCH CAT I & QUICK HITCH
Weight (kg) 290 (Approx.) 315 (Approx.)
Sealing Type (Stub axle arrangements) Multilip seal / Duo cone mechanical face seal Duo-Cone Seal Duo-Cone Seal
Hitch Plate Thickness (mm) 6 6
Maximum Depth (cm) 18 18
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