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Mahindra Maxx Grain 515

Mahindra Maxx Grain 515

  • Best in class acreage per hour
  • Best in class cleaning efficiency
  • Multicrop Harvesting capability
  • Best in Class fuel efficiency


Mahindra Maxx Grain 515

The Mahindra Maxx Grain 515 harvester prioritizes operator comfort with reduced vibrations and minimizes grain loss. Its dual blower speeds enable precise cleaning adjustments, while it boasts exceptional fuel efficiency. With improved ground clearance and maneuverability, maintenance is hassle-free due to interchangeable parts and readily available spares, ensuring reliable performance.


Presence of Straw Walker Technology

For higher performance and minimal losses - Ensures delivery of clean, unbroken grain even in tough conditions. Its design enables harvesting of multiple crops

Presence of Threshing drums

with 600mm diameter and 1274 mm width is capable of handling heavy crop flows with best performance, the availability of mechanical variator, gives speed range from 525 - 1125 rpm. Speed range makes the machine to work in different field conditions

Engine power supply

Fuel Efficient Mahindra Engine with 73.5 kw @2200rpm ( emission class BSIV)

Huge Grain Tank with Cover

Higher volume of 2500 liters guarantees longer operational time. Weather independent. easy maintenance and visibility. Thanks to window near operator's seat to have a view of filling levels of grain in tank during operations


High quality, large-sized roof ensures maximum comfort for the operator. Longer shelf life due to presence of good quality fiber material.

High maneuverability

Fitted with 18.4/15-30 14PR tyres at the front and 9.0- 16/ 16 PR on the rear for easy to maneuver in fields

Parameters Technical Specifications Technical Specification
Engine Model MCVNC35TI110CE4
Engine Power 73.5 kW @ 2200 rpm
Engine Air Cleaner Dry Type, heavy duty
Engine Engine Type Direct injection, four stroke, Charger intercool diesel engine
Engine Rated engine speed (rpm) 2200+50
Engine Max engine output (KW @rpm) (declared value) 74.8@2250
Engine Rated engine out put (KW @ rpm) (declared value) 735 @ 2200
Cutting Mechanism Cutter bar width 4.2m(14 ft)
Cutting Mechanism Minimum Cutting Height (mm) 60
Reel Speed Control Using Mechanical Variator
Reel Height Control Using Hydraulic system
Threshing and Cleaning Threshing Drum width (mm) 1274
Threshing and Cleaning Diameter (mm) 600
Threshing and Cleaning Speed Control/ Speed Range(RPM) 525-1125
Threshing and Cleaning Adjustment Mechanical
Concave Clearance Adjustable mechanical
Straw Walker Number 5
Straw Walker Number of Steps 6
Straw Walker Area 4.8 sq meter
Cleaning Area Upper Sieve (m2) 2.21 Sq. meter
Cleaning Area Lower Sieve 1.5 Sq. meter
Cleaning Area Adjustment Mechanical
Tyres Front (18.4/15-30) 14 PR
Tyres Rear (9-16) 16 PR
Speed on Road Forward
Speed on Road First Gear 9710415 Km
Speed on Road Second Gear 44510 9.37 km
Speed on Road Third gear 11.04 to 23.25 km
Speed on Road Reverse 4.93 to 10.38 km
Wheel Track mm 2480mm
Wheel base mm 3600 mm
Steering and Brake Steering Hydraulic
Steering and Brake Brake Disc type mechanical
Efficiency Grain tank capacity 2500 L
Efficiency Diesel Tank 245 L
Main Dimensions During transport During harvest
Width 3160 mm 6160 mm
Length 12210mm 8940 mm
Height 3960 mm 3960 mm
Ground clearance 385 mm
Weight Value
Machine (without cutter bar) 7400 kg
Cutter bar and trailer (together) 1460 kg
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