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Mahindra Front End Loader 13FX

Mahindra Front End Loader 13FX

Mahindra Front End Loader 13FX

Mahindra Front End Loader 13FX is a robust and versatile solution designed for heavy-duty lifting with a remarkable 13-ton capacity. Engineered for precision and durability, this loader ensures efficient material handling in diverse applications.


Self-leveling System

Maintains the bucket angle from bottom to top during operations, so content doesn’t shift out of the bucket

Parking Stands

The loader boom can be parked without any damage to the bucket or the boom.

Friendly Use

Single lever-operated control valve for high accuracy and comfort.

Clear Visibility

The bucket level indicator provides clear visibility to the driver during work. No crossbar or hoses obstruct the view.

Hardened Pins and Bushes

Comes with Grease channels and storage, which ensures the high durability of the loader.

Pin Type Attachment

Allows a single person to hitch or unhitch the loader without using any tool

Well-Engineered Product, Zero Tractor Modification

Ease of access to driver and daily maintenance. When the loader is uninstalled, the tractor can be used for any other purpose or sold with a higher resale value.

Specifications Mahindra Loader 13 FX
Maximum height at implement pivot 3.95 m / 13 ft
Maximum height under horizontal bucket 3.70 m / 12.2 ft
Maximum height under dumped General Purpose Bucket 3.00 m / 10 ft
Maximum height under Booster Bucket construction 4.30 m / 14.1 ft
Max height under dumped Booster Bucket High Volume 4.60 m / 15 ft
Digging Depth 0.25 m / 10 in
Dumping angle at maximum height (Standard bucket) 52 degrees
Dumping angle at ground level (Standard bucket) 48 degrees
Payload (General purpose bucket with soil) No
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