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Mahindra Mahavator HD

Mahindra Mahavator HD

Mahindra Mahavator HD

The Mahindra Mahavator represents a robust rotary tiller from the heavy series, meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding performance and long-lasting durability, even in challenging environments. This powerful machine excels in medium to heavy soils, both wet and dry, showcasing remarkable capabilities in handling tough crop residue. It efficiently cuts and mixes crop residue, making it suitable for varied crops like food grains, sugarcane cotton etc. grown in various difficult soil conditions.


Robust and Sturdy Multispeed Gearbox

 Ensures its longer life even when it works in hard soils.

Right Geometry of Rotor Shaft and Mast

Helps to give better stability while working & Reduce the vibration.

Strong Mast

Absorbs vibrations, ensures smoother operations, and thereby contributes to breakdown-free usage.

Mahindra BoroBladesTM

Made from specially sourced Boron steel, these high-durability blades ensure low maintenance.

Double Cone Mechanical Seal

Prevents dust or dirt from entering, ensuring longer life of seals and bearings.

Superior Aesthetics

Excellent paint gloss retention & welding finish.

Parameters Mahindra Mahavator 1.6 m Mahindra Mahavator 1.8 m Mahindra Mahavator 2.1 m Mahindra Mahavator 2.3 m Mahindra Mahavator 2.5 m
Suitable Tractor (kW) 33 - 37 37 - 41 41-45 45-48 48-52
Suitable Tractor (hp) (45-50) (50-55) (55-60) (60-65) (65-70)
Working width, plate in to in (mm) 1636 1889 2142 2340 2647
Total width (mm) 1801 2054 2307 2505 2812
Tilling width, blade out to out (mm) 1544 1797 2050 2249 2556
Total length (mm) 951 951 951 1069 1020
Total height (mm) 1149 1149 1149 1155 1149
Working depth (mm)* 100-140 100-140 100-140 100-140 100-140
Number of blades 36 42 48 54 60
Blade compatibility L/C L/C L/C L/C L/C
Primary gear box Multi speed Multi speed Multi speed Multi speed Multi speed
Side transmission Gear drive Gear drive Gear drive Gear drive Gear drive
Weight, without propeller shaft (kg) 438 480 506 570 610
Standard speed gears 17/21 17/21 17/21 17/21 17/21
*Depth will differ, depending on soil conditions *Technical specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements on products.
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